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The Live Again Project is a space and community for everyone affected by cancer to share their stories, challenges, and breakthroughs which connect us to humanity and inspire us to discover the greatest versions of ourselves. These stories remind us that everyone has purpose. The aim of the Live Again Legacy Project/Fund is to allow that purpose/legacy to live again.

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Live Again Project Featured on ABC7 Eyewitness News

3 months after the Live Again Project was started, its vision was quickly recognized by ABC7 Eyewitness News. Denise Dador reports on the Live Again Project and the Live Again Legacy Fund.

watch the abc7 news feature on the live again project >

Meet Comedian Adam

Good friend of the Live Again Project, Comedian Adam Grabowski, shares a story of his grandmother. You’ve seen Adam on America’s Got Talent. He is the creator and host of the comedy show “Grab Bag,” and big mental advocate who created the #SAYITANYWAY campaign.

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Meet Limore 

Singer/Songwriter, Limore Twena, had her picture perfect life uprooted by breast cancer. Through her fight with cancer, she adopts the AGGRESSIVE POSITIVITY (TM) mantra.

read limore's live again story >

Cathy: Don’t Wait for My Funeral

Special thanks to Nadine El Khoury for doing a featured short on Cathy with her battle with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (i.e ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease) and gastric cancer.

read her story >

Lymphoma Survivor Lives Again by creating hope for Children's Hospital

Lymphoma survivor, Robert Di Massa, rediscovers purpose during his cancer journey and with intent, discipline, and perserverance, Robert has conditioned his mind and body to be able to perform 3330 push-ups every day for 365 days (that's over 1 million push up). Robert hopes to raise $1 for every push up and donate all proceeds to Children's Hospital Los Angeles. Please show your support at

watch robert's story >

Lead Singer of Midnight Moaners shares his Live Again story as a song

Israel Oliva, lead singer of the band the Midnight Moaners, dedicated a song to a friend and former bandmate who recently passed from gastric cancer. Israel speaks of how his friend's zest for life, before and during cancer, never wavered. Even after his death, people remember and still inspired by his "Wild Soul."

listen to "wildsoul" >

Actor Eric Martig Shares his Live Again Story as a Poem

Actor Eric Martig shares his Live Again story in the form of a poem called "Fertilizer."

read eric's poem>

Hear from others on the Live Again journey.

Please see our collection of Live Again stories on our Medium page. Hope they may inspire you to live a life with more love, forgiveness, gratitude, passion, purpose, intention, fulfillment and empowerment.

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Share your story and help bring hope and inspiration to others.

EVERYONE, whether you're a patient, caregiver, or know of someone with cancer, has a "Live Again story," and that story has the power to connect and transform the world.  A "Live Again story" is any form of self-expression: an article, video, poem, spoken word, song, or art piece which highlights an experience around cancer. When we share our own life experiences, it can have a lasting impact on those around us and allows us to connect deeper as human beings. We encourage EVERYONE to share their story below. We know in these stories, there is the power to make the world a better place for us as well as inspiration for us to discover better versions of ourselves.

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